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Why We Don’t Get Right Candidate in West Bengal?


We know it is difficult to get the right candidate for the job. Many candidates appear for an interview do not match the job requirement.  Some may be overqualified for the job.

Those are in the corporate world know that how much it is difficult to get the right candidate.. Especially if you are from Kolkata you must be aware of it better than anyone.


Advantage Bengal for Getting Right Candidate for Job


There may be much reason for not getting the right candidate.  Although Bengal has

  • Skilled labour
  • Educate Youth
  • Very well established University
  • Cheap Labour
  • One of the best public transport system
  • Stable Government

In spite of having so many benefits, still, it is difficult to get the right candidate in the West Bengal and Kolkata.

The following reason will explain it.


A. Right Man for Right Job


We have heard 100 times the phrase, Right man for the right job. Ask anyone from any field, he will tell you it is very difficult to get the right man for the right job.

Let us start from politics. Our ministers are not capable of performing in their own ministry. We have seen the Finance minister is holding a law degree but hardly any professional qualification to handle finance. Many a time, we have seen the most unfit person has been given the sports ministry, tainted politicians are handling home ministry. The result is obvious that not a single ministry is performing an exceptional level.


B.  Perform Or Perish


Below-average performance is acceptable in politics and in govt department. But, it is not allowed in the private sector. The below standard level performance will destroy the company and in turn the industry and at the cost of losing jobs of thousands.

This is because the selection is faulty.

There are many problems to find the right candidates, especially in West Bengal.


Problems of Getting Right Candidates in West Bengal


I have the following reasons for not finding the right candidates in West Bengal


1. All around negativity about West Bengal.

There is all around negative publicity about West Bengal. No good news on any front. Industrialists promising a huge amount of investment but practically they are keeping a distance from West Bengal. No big investment. Govt promising every facility but due to the negative image of West Bengal, no one is ready to invest in West Bengal. The negative image of the state after TATA’s leaving the state has put the last nail in its image.

These negative images not only affecting the industrialist but job seekers also. Hence, most of the talented students leave Bengal after their Higher Education. This is one of the most reasons for the scarcity of good candidates.


2. No New Big Industry:

No new big industry has come to Bengal in the last 20 years or more. The last being the setting up of Haldia Industrial Belt in the late eighties. Especially setting up of new manufacturing industry. Manufacturing industry creates a huge number of jobs.

In the absence of new industries, no inflow of good candidates from other states but many job aspirant leaving Bengal. These results in the scarcity of new talents.


3. Deterioration of the level of Education.

Education level and industry-standard not matching. Every year thousands of Engineers passing out from different institutes but most of them are not employable. In the absence of industry-friendly education, talented candidates can not be expected.


4.  Absence of Multi-skilled candidate.

The days of big industries have gone where a specialist in every job was required. As competition has increased, the profit level of an employer has also decreased significantly. Hence, reducing the staff is the norm of the day. But the task has not reduced. Hence, each employer wants an employee must be able to take various responsibilities at the same time. But multi-skilled candidates are not available in the job market, especially in West Bengal.


5.  Disturbing Political Scenario in West Bengal.

The present political scenario of West Bengal not conducive. Hence, many of the job seekers seeking a job outside West Bengal. This is reducing the number of good candidates for West Bengal.


6.  Bengalis are not Adaptable to Change.

The world is moving very fast. Trend and technologies are changing very rapidly. As an employee, you need to change your self with the time and new trend, technologies.

I have seen Bengalis are not adaptable to change so fast.


7.  Special traits of Bengalis which are not conducive for employment.


I have seen these traits that are not acceptable in the industry.

i)  A comfortable lifestyle.

Most of the candidates at the time of interview will ask these questions, “How many days leave are granted?”, “Is there working beyond working hours or in Holidays?”. “Is there any temporary duty outside West Bengal”. These types of attitude are not acceptable from a job seeker.

ii) Not able to take responsibility.

It is difficult to find candidates those ready to take additional responsibility. Sometimes we need to take responsibility for which we are not paid. This, in turn, makes us valuable to the company and society.

iii) Not willing to relocate.

Many job seekers are not ready to relocate. It is not possible to have every job in Kolkata or someone’s chosen district. Many job seekers from this part are not willing to relocate even within the West Bengal.


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