Why BJP Has Lost in West Bengal ?

Before finding the reasons for the loss of BJP in West Bengal, we must understand that Bengal and Bengalis are different from other states. Bengal and Bengalis have a completely different culture than the rest of India.

Further, it is completely wrong to say it is a great loss of BJP in Bengal. The maximum you can say that the result is far below the expectation of all. BJP has added 74 more seats to its kitty. Now, the following are the reasons for the loss of BJP in West Bengal.

  1. The BJP has not projected anyone as its CM face. Bengals love to see their men as a CM. In opposite, the TMC has projected the Mamata as its CM face and described her as “Banglar meye.” The Bengalis were in fear that if BJP wins they may get any non-Bengali as their CM. This was not accepted by any Bengali.
  2. The BJP had given candidature to the persons who had just shifted their loyalty from TMC to BJP. It has increased infighting among the party workers. Most of the BJP party workers were unhappy due to the inclusion of old TMC party members except the Shuvendu Adhikari.
  3. The voter felt why to vote the person who had bad records in TMC and now stood as a BJP candidate. So they felt it is better to give a vote to TMC than a person who has left the party due to misdeeds.
  4. The TMC had created a fear among Bengalis that if BJP had come into power all the jobs, business and power will go to the hands of the outsiders from the Bengalis.
  5. The drama of injuries to Mamata has gathered sympathetic vote for her and party workers.
  6. The verbal attack on Mamata by the BJP party leaders had not gone well to the voters. They felt it is an insult to Banglar meye.
  7. It is true that the BJP did not have a good ground-level organisation all over West Bengal. So in many places, they do not have any party offices.
  8. Most of the BJP leaders gave their speech in Hindi. Many Bengalis still do not understand Hindi well and felt BJP is an outside party.
  9. In many places, the threat of the TMC goons worked well. So voter feared that if BJP wins there will be more problems for them.
  10. The TMC government’s Kanya Shree, Yuva Shree, Sastha Sathi and other schemes have gone very well with every voter. Mamata had created among voters that if BJP wins these scheme will be stopped and the benefits were given will be stopped. There are many who voted to TMC just to get the Kanya Shree benefits to their daughters. The BJP had failed to counter the fear of losing to the voters. They did not project any better scheme than Kanya Shree.https://qr.ae/pGrPyb

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