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What Is Online Counseling?

We all know what is counselling. The only difference between Counseling and online counselling is that instead of physically present both Counselor and Client seeking counselling is present virtually. It is not face-to-face interaction but connected through the internet. It can be any device which is accessible through the internet.

Even if you want you can talk to a counsellor through Mobile, WhatsApp, Messanger video call. Learn more


Why people choose online counselling?


There may be many reasons to choose online counselling. They are:-

  1.  Distance: Nowadays in metropolitan cities travelling from one place to another place is a big headache due to traffic jam etc. So, there are many those who do not wish to travel a long distance and hence prefer online counselling.
  2. Time Factor: One may not have time to spend within working hours or in the scheduled time of a counsellor to visit his chamber. So, he prefers online counselling for which time can be fixed as per the convenience of the client.
  3. Physical Problem/Disability. The physical problem may be another reason to prefer online counselling. One may have a physical problem to travel the chamber of Counselor and many a cases Counselor does not visit the client, so the client prefers online counselling.
  4. Cost-Effective. Online counselling is cheaper than face-to-face counselling. So many prefer online counselling.
  5. Hesitation. There are many who do not feel comfortable to discuss his/her problem before a stranger. So he/she feel it is better to go for online counselling.


How to Connect with Online Counsellor?


In the era of internet, it is very easy to connect with the online counsellor. You can connect with him through

i) WhatsApp: The most convenient way of communication to your online counsellor. You can take his number and save it to your contacts. Then send a message and discuss your problem. The counsellor will guide you by replying your query. If you wish you can go for video calling.

ii)Facebook Messanger: Facebook messenger service also have the same facilities. You can contact your online counsellor through it.

iii) Through Skype: Skype also has the same function but you need to make your id first. The same id to be informed to the counsellor and both of you can be connected through it.

iv) Mobile: You can connect with him through your mobile.

v) Through email: You can mail him your problem and the counsellor will reply to your email.

vi) Through SMS services: Normal SMS services can also be used for the same purpose.

vii) And many other devices and Apps. There are many other apps and devices in the market to connect with anyone. So,  find any one of the above methods to connect with your counsellor.


Process of Online Counselling


  1. Introduction: Online counselling start with your introduction. You introduce yourself to a counsellor. You inform him/her your problem. He tries to understand you. After listening to your problem he suggests some guidelines.
  2. Expectation: You should not expect an instant result. There may be a time when it takes a couple of counselling sessions. Sometimes results solely depend upon you how you implement the suggested guidelines. Sometimes it may take months to solve your problems.
  3. Patience. The outcome of counselling depends on patience and the implementation of suggested guidelines. It may happen after seeing the result the counsellor may change his recommendation. Hence, you need to be honest and to give regular feedback about your problems.


Benefits of Online Counseling


These are the benefit of online counselling.

  1. Convenience: You can connect with the online counsellor as per your convenient. Here you decide the time when you can connect with him.
  2. Preference: You can connect with the person who is not in your locality or even who is not in your country.
  3. Sensitive issues. It is difficult to discuss the sensitive issues before a stranger or with a counsellor who is in your locality.


Precaution to be taken before Online Counseling


  1. Secrecy of your identity. You should confirm that your identity should not be misused. In general, the counsellor never discloses your identity but you should make sure that in no case your identity is disclosed without your permission.
  2. Immediate nature of your problem. When you are in intense and severe depression and when there is a suicidal tendency then you must go for face-to-face counselling.


How to pay to the online counsellor


The online counselling in most of the cases is not free. Although the online counsellor charges less fee you need to pay him.her. You can pay online or through apps like Paytm or PayPal etc.


Who is the best online counsellor in Kolkata


There are many counselling services in Kolkata. But we will recommend Mr Subrata Bhattacharjee. You can contact him directly through Mobile or WhatsApp at 8777093228 or email him at [email protected] or at [email protected]

He is an experienced and very knowledgeable counsellor with vast experience. The main point is his professional fee is lowest at 500/- per session. He always tries to solve your problem as early as possible. So you spent very less at your convenience and get the result very early.



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