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What is the License?


When we listen to the word License first thing that comes to our mind is Driving License. There are many other licenses.

The meaning of license is giving permission to do, to use or own something. It is given by one party to another. When Govt is involved, it gives permission to its citizens or other parties involved.

In the case of Driving, Government is permitting you to drive the mechanical vehicle after you full fill certain criteria set by Govt.

There many licenses required to start a Business. It may be a small business or start-up, it required some permission or licenses from the Government or Local Authority.


Basic License required For New Business and Start-Ups


There may be many licenses and registration required depending upon the size and nature of business. But these licenses are a must for new businesses and startups. The list is not conclusive but general guidance.


Trade License:


A trade license is a primary permission, you required to do any business. Trade License issued by the local authority. It is the enlistment of your business. Govt Fees and Documents required for procuring Trade license depends upon the nature of business.

Basically, you need to have Property Documents, Company documents/proprietors documents/Partners documents to get a Trade License. Your nature of trade should be legally permissible for doing business.

To get other licenses, you need to have a Trade License First.


Professional Tax Enrolment


When you do any trade you need to enrol with Professional Tax Department. The basic details required are Name, Mobile, PAN card and Bank Account Number, yearly turnover. You need not upload any documents.

Profession Tax registration: If your business employs any employee then Professional Tax Registration is required.


Food License


If you deal with any food items or food-related items you need to have a Food License in addition to Trade License and Professional Tax Enrolment.

If turn over is less than 12 Lacs you need only FSSAI Registration.

When your turnover or likely turnover more than 12 lacs and up to 2 crores and you have more than one place of business then you need State Food License.

If your food business is in more than one state and turnover is more than 2 crore then you need Central License.


Fire License


For the safety of man and material Fire License required. The basic documents required are Trade License, Building Sanctioned Plan, Details of property and Details of inflammable articles.

For G + 4, building Fire Safety Recommendation is given by Local authority.

At the time giving Fire Safety recommendation, the concerned authority ensures that an adequate number of fire extinguishers are available and sufficient precaution is taken to protect man and material.


Labour License


When you employ more than 10 workers for any job, you need to take Labour License.

Principal Employer needs registration to the Labour Department for engaging any contract Labour.

The principal employer should issue a work order and Form V to Contractor endorsing Registration Number of the principal employer.


Import Export Code


For importing and exporting, in addition to the above, import-export code is also required.

The government has eased the process of getting an import Export Code. Now you need only Cancelled Bank Cheque and PAN No. and address proof to get the Import Export Code.


Factory License


When you indulge in any type of manufacturing activities or relabelling then a Factory License is a must for you.


Pollution License


For any manufacturing activities except exempted industries, need Pollution License. Depending upon the nature of the manufacturing process, the business is categorized as red, Yellow, Green and Exempted category.


Registration required for Small Business/Startups


In addition to the above requirements, you need to register your business to different Government departments. The basic registrations required for Small Business or Start-Up Business are


Shop & Establishment Registration


If you have any shop or office then you need to have a Shop & Establishment Registration in West Bengal.


Company Registration


In India, every business must register itself as part of legal compliance. Except for sole proprietorship firms, all other firms need to register.


GST Registration


Any person or entity who provides service more than 40 lakhs in a year, needs GST Registration. In certain cases, the mandatory requirement of GST may vary.


PF Registration


If any business employs more than 20 employees, requires PF Registration.

The organization can take PF Registration voluntarily where the mandatory requirement of 20 employees not there. In such a scenario, the willingness of the majority counted.


ESIC registration.


It is legally mandatory if any business employing more than 10 employees. Govt has raised ESIC eligibility limit for an employee up to 21,000/-.


Best License & Registration Consultant in Kolkata


Starting a Small Busines or Startup in Kolkata is not an easy task. You need to procure different licenses and registration which has been explained in preceding paragraphs.  You need to have expert knowledge for getting all the licenses and registration by your in house staff.  Hence, it is better for searching consultancy services that can provide you with the required licenses for your business at ease. The consultancy needs to have expertise on this subject and must have cost-effectiveness.

Such a cost-effective trusted consultancy is difficult to find.

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