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50  Simple Business in Kolkata Under 50,000


If you have thought that to start a viable business you need lakhs of rupees, then think again. Not only one business you can start at least 50 business under 50,000.

It is a decent amount for a small business. The chances of failure are also less in small business.

Let us look at the businesses you can do it with 50,000/-

1.  Pickle Business:

Pickle is a traditional food item and loved by all. From North India to South India and Eastern part to the Western part of India love pickles. There is enough demand for pickles. You can sell it to your local stores, departmental stores.

First, make it in small quantities at your home. Get feedback from the people who have stated it and expand the business after getting the feedback.


2.  Jute bags:

After the ban on plastic bags, the demand for jute bags is increasing day by day. You can make jute bags and Cotton Bags and sell them e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Indiamart etc. Even you can sell it to your local grocery and retail shops. The investment is low and even you can start at your home.


3.  Fast Food Center

Fast food centre or Quick Service Center, where food is served very quickly. In India, generally roadside Fast Food Center is very popular. Fast food centre is always a profitable business.


4. Consultancy Agency

If you have expertise in any subject you can go for consultancy Business.

The best part of Consultancy Business is you need not invest a large some. Even you can start consultancy business from your home also. The main requirement is marketing and informing [people that you are good at a particular subject.


5. Grocery Shop

The demand for grocery will exist until this planet exists. fore ever.  There may be many online grocery shops but the village grocery shop will remain in demand forever. Because the village grocery shop is deal with the emotion and relationship of its customers. Customers are well known to the shop keeper and available for their hard times.


6. Tea shop, Paan Shop

Indian is very much fond of hot tea. Every village, every street has many tea shops.

It is a very profitable business with very low investment. Earlier only uneducated people were in this business. But nowadays many educated people are in this business. They have started preparing various types of tea and coffee, which are very popular among all types of people.


7.  Coaching Center

Coaching centres help students to prepare for various exams. It offers specialized classes for each exam.

If you have places and have knowledge in any particular academic subject you can start coaching centre. It is a very lucrative business. You can start a coaching centre from your home also if space is available.

8. Start your own Blog

Once it was a hobby for some. Now it has become a profitable business.

You can start your blog. For this need to own a domain name for your website. A WordPress blog website cost less than 5000.  Choose your subject and target customers. Research on the subject before writing a blog.

It is still a profitable business if your blog has around 5000 visitors every day.


9. Online e-commerce Business

You still do business it not interested to manufacture or produce any items. You can purchase items in bulk from e-commerce sites and resell goods on eCommerce Websites like Flipkart, Amazon. This is a great idea and reselling is legal in India.

The benefits you get as a reseller are i) You need not maintain inventory ii) you can launch your business in a day iii) the financial risk is also lower iv) As a reseller you can sell anything like clothing, Electronics good, heath product and everything like these items.

10. Fish Farming Business

Fish Farming Business is very good business. Due to the growth of realty sectors, most of the natural water sources either have become polluted or encroached by the builders. The demand for fish is ever-growing and in festive season demand are not met.

Nowadays, with the bottom clean technique, you can do fish farming business on the terrace of the building and it does not cost much.

11. Creche/ Day Care Centre

If you enjoy spending time with children then this is a perfect job for you.  It is self-motivating, with never-ending enthusiasm.

If you have space in your home you can start Creche or Child Care Centre. In the first pace of life where both husband and wife work, then there is no one to look after the child. As we have shifted from joint family structure to the nuclear family the demand for creche has increased.

The main requirement is space and trained staff. You also need some toys and instruments for children to play. However, if you have space the total cost will be less than 50,000/-.


12. Cloud Kitchen

You can start cloud kitchen from your home. It does not take much investment. You need to tie up with Swiggy or Zomato or any online food delivery service providers.

They will get orders on behalf of you and will intimate you. You need to deliver the food in a very short times. The delivery boys of SWIGGY or Zomato will deliver the foods to customer. After charging commission they will transfer the money to your bank account.


13. Catering Business

In a fast-paced era, people do not have much time for themselves. Not only that, many do not want to cook every day’s meal. Some times they want to have something special.  Plenty of people are sick and old and many times they do not cook on their own. These are completely dependent on food delivery option.

Here comes, your business. If you are interested you jump into the catering business.

It is a highly profitable business.

Further, in India, there are many social festivals and individual or family celebration where catering is a must. So, you have many opportunities in this field.


14. Labour Suppliers

We have reached in a digital age where everything is online and automated. Most of the people are educated. And every educated person wants to do a white or blue colour job.

But many jobs still exists where physical or manual works are done. And finding labour is also difficult.

So, you can become a Contract Labour supplier. If you supply labour to a company or organisation you need to have the Contract Labour License.

This is a very good business and you can start with a very limited fund.


15.  Online Teaching

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the online teaching business growed in leaps and bound.

If you are good at any subject, you can start online teaching. You need to have your own website for growth.

The investment is only 5000/- to 10,000/-.  Online teaching is a multibillion dollar business.


16.  Content Writing

Content is king for any story, film and advertisement. All companies need content to showcase their products. In the coming times, content creation and distribution are going to be in even greater demand than today. If you have a team of video creators, editors and podcast recorders, writers, photographers and other kinds of the content creator, then you stand a chance of making it big in the content industry.

The investment is very less and potential earning is unlimited depend upon your capabilities and capacity of your clients.


17.  Professional Photography

Professional photography is not dead.  Social media has created unprecedented popularity of photography. Now clients are hiring photographers for events. Now they have started hiring separate photographers for traditional photography and candid photography. Now it has become a trend to hire a photographer for every event. Let it be a birthday or a marriage ceremony.

Hence, you can lead a good life after becoming a professional photographer. The only investment is your a professional camera. You can start your business from your home also. No need to hire office space, initially.

18. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another great way to make money online.

When most of the world population has become addicted to social media the traditional marketing has also changed significantly. Advertisements in print media are declining. People do not have time to read roadside festoons, billboards etc. They are more focused on Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube etc.

You need some experience in building backlinks, improving the Search Engine Results for web page or blog. Additionally, you should have other digital marketing skills.

No investment is required. Only you need to find clients those want to expand their business.


19. T-Shirt Printing Business

Present generation loves to say something on every burning topic in a different way. Their fashion statement is also different. They want to express it without saying anything but displaying it. The college students love to express their support for their favourite team or political parties. They love their T-Shirts and other equipment.

Here comes, your T-Shirt printing business. A good quote on t-shirts guarantees its sell. You can customise it for each client.

You can start this business with just 50,000/- or less. Each t-shirt will give you at least Rs. 50 profit. Initially, you can advertise it online. And there is a huge demand for it.


20. Fitness Traner

Priminister Narendra Modi has launched ‘Swachh Bharat, Swasth Bharat” mission on 2nd October 2014.

Now everyone wants to be healthy and fit. After Covit-19, it has become a life and death issue. Being healthy has become absolutely necessary.  Each one of us has different body types and different health issues. So one size does not fit for all. Hence, we need a personal trainer or Fitness Trainer.

You can start fitness lessons online.

Online fitness training gives you a wider audience and overcomes demographic restrictions.

This does not require any investment.

You also hire a place and install gym instrument. But it has a significant investment.


21. Sell Handicrafts

Indian handicrafts are popular among Indians and have a huge demand abroad.

If you are good in any craft, then you could start selling it online and traditionally to local stores. It has a very good chance to grow. The “Make in India” effort by PM encourages citizen to buy Indian handicraft products.

The investment in handicraft business is also low.


22. Chocolate Making

95% of Indian population buy chocolates. Nowadays in every ocassion alongwith sweet chocolate is also being distributed.

You can buy Chocolate Raw materials(Chocolate compound and coco- powder) from market, add ingrediants and milk, feed up with die and package and sell it.

Machinary for Chocolate making starts from 25,000/- to 40,00,000/-.

It is very good business and initially you can start it from home.


23. Tour and Travel

Tour and Travel business is a very lucrative business. You need to guide people on how to spend holidays in a great destination within a budget.

You should tie up with Hotels, Local Guides and transporters. A fair idea of popular destination is required to satisfy the customers. You can take a franchisee of famous travel companies.

The main job is to plan a travel trip for your customers.

Online tour and travel business are growing at a fast pace. This business has a great future.


24. Wedding Planner


At present Indian Wedding Market stands at $60 billion. It is a huge and huge amount. This business will grow further.

Indian wedding is always grand. An average Indian wedding cost from 5 lakhs to 10 crores. It is estimated that one person spends one-fifth of his life earning on weddings.

It provides a big opportunity for all entrepreneurs to take care of various assignments related to weddings.

Wedding planners help the bride and groom to organise events and managing guests. You need a group of 5-10 people who can complete your assignment.

There is no limitation of earning. You only need to establish your presence through contacts and online advertising etc.

25.  Ladies Garment Selling Business

The demand for ladies garment is eternal.  The demand for ladies garment is through out the year and it picked up in the festive seasons.

You can buy the garment from the whole seller and sell it from home. There is 30- 100% profit margin in ladies garment. The invest is also very less. You can start with 5000/- to 5,00,000/-. Initially you can start with Nighty, Churidar etc.  If you purchase from garment manufactureer directly then you will have more profit margin.

26. Noodle making Business

The demand for Chowmein is increasing. You can find chowmein is being sold every nook and corner.

So the demand for Noodles/chowmein is always there. With the investment of less than 50,000/- you can jump to noodle making business.

The cost of the machine starts from 18,000/- to a few lakhs. Initially, you can start with Cast Iron colour coated Noodle Making Machine which will cost you around 18,000/-.

27.  WordPress Website Consultant

If anyone wants to showcase his business online owning a website is necessary. WordPress is the best platform to showcase the business for small business owners and bloggers.

If you are expert in setting up a WordPress website, use this skill to build a business.

Along with WordPress consulting, you can do digital marketing also.

There is no investment required for this and there are huge opportunities to grow in this business.

28. Drive Uber/ Ola

Do you know driving? Do you have your own vehicle?

If you have your vehicle and know the driving you can register your self with Ola and Uber. Driving at Ula/ Uber gives a handsome earning.

If you are not interested to drive for others but have your own vehicle then also you can rent your vehicle to Ola/Uber platform.


29. Car Services

If you have your own car, you can start your car service. After Covid-19, most of us want to travel safely with maintaining social distance. Hence, the demand for car service is growing. and the trend will continue.


30. Create a Youtube Channel

Creating a tube channel a very good option if you have expertise in anything under the sun. Just make a personal or business account on Youtube channel. Better if you have a good professional camera and editing person in your team.

Your earning starts when you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Yes, it is a bit difficult to earn initially but you can start it a part-time business and later can become full-time Youber.

The best part is that is free.


31. Bakery


Do you make cakes in every birthday? Do you make good cookies? And some Bakery items.

If your answer is yes, you can very well start your own bakery.

You need to select the kind of bakery you would like to open. It can be online, Counter service, speciality service or sit down.  If you would like counter service then you need a space to display your bakery items and sell them from the counter.

As everyone wishes to have a customised product, there is very likely to grow the Bakery business. The investment is also within 50,00/-.


32.  Property Consultant

Finding a good property for rent or purchase is difficult. First, there are complex formalities to find out the property is genuine and is in the name of seller or seller has the right to sell or rent the property.

33.  Fruit Juice  Kiosk

A growing number of people prefer freshly squeezed juice without any added colour, flavour and preservatives.

Fruit Juice Kiosk is a very good business idea with a small investment. Health cautious citizen prefers food juice in place of Tea or coffee. The investment is very less and under 10,000/-. You can rent a space at a prominent place in a crowded area to display your board.

34. Dance Music School

Do you love to dance? Do you have expertise in traditional and Bollywood dance? If both the answers are yes, then you can very well start a dance school in your locality.

You need only to rent a space. And advertise yourself through your friends and wellwishers.

There is heavy demand for a Dance teacher.


35.Pet Care/Pet-Friendly services

A large population have a pet in their home. These pets are treated as their family members. So they care for them and do not mind to spend money on the pet.

Dog and cat kennel boarding is one of the most profitable business.

The following Pet care business you start at any day

i) Pooper-Scooper Service

ii) Dog Training

iii) Pet Photography

iv) Dog clothing and accessories

v)  Pet sitting

vi) Dog Day Care

vii) Dog Walking Service

viii) Pet Toys

ix)  Dog Breeding


36. Cooking Classes

Food is something that appeals to everyone. Hence, the cooking class is big in urban and city area.

If you know how to prepare a variety of dishes, you can conduct cooking classes both online and offline.

For online classes, you can use YouTube Channel, Facebook and WhatsApp. For offline classes, you need to rent out space.

This business has some risks but has great potential to achieve success.


37. Relationship Counsellor

Now relationship also comes with an expiry date. We hardly used the word the relationship break-up in the ’90s. But it is well-known terms used by young generation to elderly people.

Hence, if you can become a relationship counsellor if you have knowledge about human behaviour and problem-solving ability. The psychological degree will help you to become a Relationship counsellor.

It does not need any investment. You just need a chamber. It can be at your home. Otherwise, you can rent an office space.


38. Potato/Chips Making


Chips are very popular among all. Potato chips are loved by all.

Chips making is a very excellent idea to start a business. You can start Potato chips, banana chips, and other chips making.

The machinery cost from 15,000/- to 1,00,000/- depending on the size of the production and quality of the machine. You can start chips manufacturing from your home also.

39. Vegetable Oil Making

There are very chances that the vegetable oil we purchase from the market is adulterated and mixed with other ingredients. Many refined oils are less of food value. A growing number of people are looking for organic vegetable oil free from any adulteration.

Hence, you can start vegetable oil making business. The machine cost from 15,000/- to 80,000/- depending upon the capacity and quality of machines. You can start this business from your home.

40.  Driving School

It is a wonderful idea to start Driving School.

If you have your own vehicle, you need to change it to the training vehicle. Else you can purchase a second-hand vehicle and modify it according to training need. Further, you need a very good driver.

After the Covid-19 pandemic,  the demand for the car has increased significantly. So many owners do not know driving and it has good potential for success.


41. Pest Control Services

Pest control is the management of pest that impacts adversely on human activities.

Pest control industry is divided into three categories namely agriculture, commercial and residential.

To run a pest control services, you need to learn the pest activity, pest biology and pest control measures.

If you have gained knowledge on pest control you can approach your client with cost-effective pricing so you can generate business.

The investment in this business is very less. You only needed a few associates to help you.


42. Paper Plate Making Business

There is a demand for a paper plate. It is used from home to take away restaurant.

Mild Steel Hand Press Paper Plate making machine will cost you around 20,000/-. But if you need fully automatic Paper plate making machine it will cost around 1,00,000/- and more depending upon the capacity and quality of machine.


43. Car Wash Service

Car wash service is highly attractive. People are buying more cars for their personal use. But they do not have time to wash their car.

If you have a space to clean the car it is a very lucrative business with very low competition. If you do not have a space for car washing, you can hire some guys those will clean the car at client’s place.

The investment is very less in this business.


44. Ice Cream Parlour

Ice Cream Parlour is a place where one sells different types of ice cream in different flavours. Ice cream parlour is very popular in urban area and cities.

You can take branded franchisee of Amul, Vadilal, Kwality Walls. The total invest in Ice Cream Parlour is likely around 30,000/- to 50,000/-.

You can make huge profits if you start supplying ice creams to wedding parties and other ceremonies and events.


45. Women’s Footwear Manufacturing Business


Women are style-conscious. They like fashionable and comfortable footwear. They are willing to try new styles and brand.

The demand for non-leather yet comfortable footwear is on the rise.

The machine is also within 50,000/-. You can start the Footwear business from your home also.


46. Franchisee Business


Franchisee Business is a good opportunity to grow. You can opt for franchisee depending on your capacity. There is a thousand franchisees you can choose from. The minimum investment is required is 10,000/- to a couple of crores.


47.   Spice/Masala Making Business

Spice powder is an essential ingredient in cooking. The demand for spices in the domestic and international market is growing day by day.

Spice powder/ Masala making business is easy to start and still hugely profitable. This business can be started with the investment of 30,000/- to 80,000/- rupees. Even one can start the spice business from home.


48. Party /Event Planning Services

People are busy. They have a hectic schedule every day. They want to celebrate their special occasions. But they do not have enough time to arrange for it. Sometimes they do not have that much contact to do everything smoothly. So they look for Party Planner.

If you have contact and able to manage and organise the things then you can very well start Party Planning Services.

Investment is only in trained manpower, uniform and marketing and building reputation of your company.


49. Beauty Parlour

Beauty parlour is always in demand. To start a Beauty Parlour you need to invest in beauty products, equipment, trained beautician and a troop or shop.

If you do a beautician course, you can start it alone at your home. The only investment is in a beauty product. The cost of starting beauty parlour is from 40,000/- to 20,00,000/-. So it is better to start with a very small way and extend it as the business grows.

A beauty parlour may cater to men, women or both.


50. Food Truck Business


If you are passionate about providing delicious food to your customer then Food Truck Business is an ideal business for you.

Basically, the cost of starting the business is around 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs. However, if you buy an old four-wheeler from the garage and convert it to Food Truck then the cost will be less. You also rent a Food truck, then investment will be less than 50,000/-.

If you manage to park your Food Truck in a good place you can earn lakhs in a month. You can also provide food to Birthday Parties, commercial events, meetings and weddings.



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